Wuhan and Chernobyl (
DDR 1953 Uprising

Miracle at the Vistula
Who started the WWII
Lenin, Lenin, Lenin
Tsar's Family Murder
Katyn Massacre
Hangman of CZ

CZ-USSR "Friendship"
Kim Il Sung's Cult
Occupied Tibet

Mao's Heritage
Cultural Revolution
Devouring One Another

China's One-Child Disaster
Ukrainian Famines
The Executioner Che
Past Errors
The Berlin Wall
Nepotic & Dynastic Communism

The "Nostalgic" Trabant
Slave Labor of the 20th Century
A Palace for All Countries
The Pioneers and Their Heroes
The Philatelic Rip Off

The Fight for Peace
Medicine Alchemy in GDR
Cambodia Genocide
Border Troops

The Motherland Calls!
George Orwell

Crimean Tatars

Give me Watch!
The Canal 
  First Steps
Monetary Policy
Years Plan
 Destroying the Past

Ronald Reagan
The Right Answer
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